From Pastors Jack and Carol

To our precious church family - in all our locations,

Once again, we join together for a season of prayer and fasting - a time of unity like no other. We may be separated by geographical distance but there is no gap when God’s people come together with one heart and one mind. To quote the Apostle Paul: “Fulfil my joy by thinking the same way, having the same love, sharing the same feelings, focusing on one goal.” (Phil. 2:2 HCSB)

The theme of our 2019 fast is Our City and Our Suburbs. Because of this, our devotional is outward focussed and is meant to bring our attention to the needs around us. We want to pray for our home base and also for our locations.

Specifically, who we will pray for:

  • Our youth and children

  • Marriages and families - “all people”

  • Local government and leaders

  • First responders

  • Teachers and schools

  • Churches - our locations, others in our city

What we are praying for:

  • Salvation

  • Situations (specific needs)

  • Restoration

Church we want to pray! We want to pray as one people, sharing in the burdens of each location and believing the Lord together for answered prayer.

The readings in this devotional are contributed from all our locations, written by the pastors and members. Each devotion provides a glimpse into the special circumstances of each location as well as something of each writer. Use the devotional every day to help direct your prayers, knowing that your church family is praying too.

Each location will hold special prayer meetings and will advise you of the times and dates. Attend as many as you are able and as you do experience the power of agreement. (Matt. 18:19)

Much love from Pastors Jack and Carol

Imagine Nations Church